Club Membership

Glen Oak Country Club is a private club designed solely for the exclusive use of its members and their guests. As a prospective member, you will progress through an application process that typically begins with an onsite meeting and tour of the facility with the Membership Chairman. The Club is proud of its facilities and enjoys showing prospective members all of the benefits it offers. After the tour and meeting an application and the appropriate accompanying sponsorship forms are submitted to the Board. If the application is approved, an official invitation to join will be extended. Glen Oak believes in a high standard of ethics and a superior quality code of behavior that unites its membership. Respect for each other and for club property is exhibited at all times. Rules and regulations are abided by with pride by all members. The Club is currently offering five different categories of membership: Senior Golf, Special Associate Golf, Associate Golf, Non-Resident and Social.

A close look at the pin on hole #1.
One angle of the pin at hole #2.
A different look at the pin on hole #2.