The revamped website includes a direct link to foretees, which allows you to click on “connect to foretees” on the home page after you have logged in as a member, and access foretees without having to log in again. Please note, though, that if you change your password on the Glen Oak web site, you will also need to change your password on foretees as well, and vice versa. You can also easily return to the website from foretees by clicking “exit” at the top of any page on foretees and then clicking “return” when you are prompted. Another interesting feature is the ability to access tournament and golf event information from several sections of the web site. Initially you will see a list of upcoming events and tournaments on the home page after you log in as a member. When you click on the hyperlink under the event, it takes you to a page which details important information about the event. At the top of that page, you have a choice of clicking on “calendar” or “tournaments.” The subsequent calendar view gives you a view of golf events on a month-by-month calendar. The tournament page provides a simple list of tournaments only. Alternatively, you can access tournament information or the golf calendar by clicking on their respective links in the “golf” section. You will also notice a “photo gallery”in the golf section. Over time, we hope to capture some of the more spontaneous moments on the golf course, in addition to memorializing the winners of various events. Your input and suggestions will be greatly appreciated in this area. The website will also provide a convenient vehicle for checking tournament and league results.

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